BETA Summer of Safety


We are excited to announce that we will be running our Summer of Safety campaign over the 4 months, starting on 19 June and running through until mid September.

With so many of the riding public paying more attention than ever before to matters of safety, we felt it the ideal time to broaden our campaign to cover areas that we haven’t focused on before, as well as the usual suspect of hats and body protectors.

The focus of the campaign will be on understanding how products work to improve safety, their care, maintenance and what goes into them to make riders and their horses safe. 

The products being covered are much wider than before, offering members who may have not had the chance to be involved, to engage with the campaign which will be largely social medial in nature.

As well as using our usual Social platforms we will also be featuring video clips, Lives and podcasts to spread the messages.

We will be engaging with all of the disciplines and member bodies to spread our messages wider and have agreement with the BHS to work with them on road safety.

The areas being covered and the timing for focus are as follows:

1.    Safety Equipment - 19 June – 2 July
a.    featuring hats, body protectors with highlighted focus on shoulder protection, air vests
b.    safety footwear                     

2.    Tack                            3 July – 16 July
a.    Bridle and bit safety, leather care,  saddle safety including stirrup bars, leathers and girths
b.    Stirrup safety, size, safety and attachment
c.    Equine protective boots

3.    Yard, biosecurity and broad horse and rider safety               17 July – 30 July
a.    Yard equipment
b.    Security products and insurance
c.    Disinfectants

4.    Horse Health            31 July – 13 August
a.    Parasite control – internal and external
b.    Hoof care
c.    Dentistry
d.    Therapy ( massage, magnetic etc)

5.    Riding and Road safety        14 August – 27 August
a.    Hi Viz for horse and rider
b.    Services
c.    Digital aids eg. Trackers

6.    Feed Room Safety                 28 August – 11 September
a.    Feed storage, feedroom and yard practices
b.    Vermin control
c.    NOPS and approved companies
d.    EGUS and companies approved to the BETA scheme
e.    Feed awareness

What's your story?
Have you ever had a riding accident that could have been a lot worse if you hadn't been wearing safety garments? Get in touch with and work with us to encourage and inspire others to stay as safe as possible.

If you would like to take part in the 2021 Summer of Safety please email to receive further information.


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