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Membership of BETA is open to all bona fide businesses that meet the criteria laid down by the Council on behalf of members. The criteria exists to ensure that all new members meet the exacting standards set for members.

Companies may apply to BETA for membership once they are trading. If a company has been trading for less than one year or are not registered for VAT, then if successful they will be offered provisional membership. This will normally be reviewed after one year or once they become VAT registered. Provisional membership entitles a member to all normal benefits, but they may not vote at the BETA AGM.

You can apply for membership by completing the application form here.

All applications are put forward to Council for approval after ensuring that all the criteria has been fulfilled. Council meetings take place 5 times a year. If possible the BETA Field Officer will visit applicants before the application is presented to Council.

If companies are new or not known personally to members of the Council then a member of Council may ask to visit the business. If the company is applying as an internet retailer then a visit to their business premises is part of the membership assessment process.

With the exception of Equine and Associate membership applications, applicants are asked to name three BETA members as references. These must be Trade members for retail applicants. The questions asked of these references pertain not to financial information but rather to their assessment of the applicant as a credible business and to the premises (in the case of retail applicants). It is therefore important to choose references who know you and your company well, and who preferably have visited your premises recently.

Associate and Equine member applicants must supply three references but these need not be from within the equestrian trade. Should trade member applicants have difficulty in providing equestrian references, then non-equestrian references may be considered, subject to discussion with the BETA Office.

Photos must accompany retail applications, and although not expressly requested brochures or company leaflets are welcomed when submitting applications from other categories.

All applications must be accompanied by a years subscription and the administration fee.

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Subscription rates are from 1 July. Once approved as a member, the second year's subscription is reduced accordingly, depending on when in the year the company was made a member. For example if a company joins in the first quarter of the year, in the second year only three quarters of a years subscription will be due for payment.

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