Membership Criteria

One of the factors contributing to BETA’s strength and the reputation of its members is that all applicants for membership must meet certain criteria that are agreed upon by Council.

Each membership category of BETA has its own criteria though there is some commonality amongst categories, such the requirement to trade legally.

Retail Membership Category and Criteria

This category is for retailers, whether operating out of a shop, by mail order, over the internet or from a van. Each of these divisions have their own criteria in addition to the general conditions of membership. The key to this category is that there is as shop or retail base to the enterprise, except for Mail order or internet which must however have dedicated business premises. Download retail criteria.

Trade Membership Category and Criteria (excluding commission agents)

This category is for manufacturers, wholesalers and other suppliers of goods to the trade. Companies may be selling exclusively through the distributive trade (ie. via wholesalers or retailers) but may also be selling to the consumer (e.g. trainers, yards or the public). They may also be operating a mail order service or selling on the internet. Key to this category is that the main business be the activity of manufacturing or supplying of goods to the trade. Download trade criteria.

Agent Membership

This category was designed for individuals working as commission agents.

Equine Membership

This category of membership was set up for dealers, auctioneers and equestrian establishments who derive their living from the equestrian industry. BETA is a 'trade' organisation so we hope to cater for all aspects of the trade. Download equine criteria

Overseas Membership

Designed for companies with a base outside the U.K. this category is split into two sections - 'retail' and 'trade'. The criteria are the same as for domestic trade and retail members although this category of membership does not carry any voting rights.

Associate Members

This category is designed for companies involved in the equestrian industry wishing to affiliate themselves to the equestrian business organisation. Other organisations, service oriented companies (such as POS systems, horse transport, insurance, pr and marketing companies) and companies and associations serving the equestrian sector belong in this category. Download Associate criteria

If you are uncertain about which category of membership is for you, please contact us with your details and we will advise you accordingly.

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