BETA’s Council runs and directs the work of BETA through the Secretariat. It oversees the work of the various sub committees, approves the applications of all new members and approves the annual budgets for both BETA and EMC Ltd.

Our current Chairman is Ian Silman of Equicraft Saddlery, elected in October 2018. His Vice Chairman is Malcolm Ainge of Shires Equestrian Products, and our honorary treasurer is Peter Phillips from Abbey England.

The Council consists of up to twenty members, a maximum of six of whom may come from any one line of business, for example Clothing and Footwear, Saddlery or Feed and supplements.

Council meetings are usually held 5 times a year, in the months of March, May, July, September and December. Proceedings at Council meetings are generally confidential, but any proceedings of interest are generally reported to members as appropriate.

The current Council is as follows:


Chairman: Ian Silman

Equicraft Saddlery
Tel: 07831 125421


Vice Chairman: Malcolm Ainge

Shires Equestrian Products
Tel: 01568 613600


Hon Treasurer: Peter Phillips

Abbey England

Tel: 01565 650343

Directorate: Claire Williams

Executive Director & Secretary

Other Members:

Michael Bacon, Saracen Horse Feeds Ltd
Tel: 01622 718487

Wendy Beal, R & R Country (Melton Mowbray)
Tel: 01664 465000

Ruth Bishop, Premier Nutrition
Tel: 01889 572500

Sara Blackshaw, Sara Blackshaw Consultancy
Tel: 01386 757300

Abi Cannon D J Murphy
Tel: 01428 601020

Michael Darley, Darley Equestrian
Tel: 07427 009221

Elliot Galbraith, Ayr Equestrian
Tel: 01292 266267

Chris Gordon, Dodson & Horrell Ltd
Tel: 01832 737300

Andy Haines, Redpin Publishing
Tel: 01380 730888

Ian Hassard, Dengie Crops Ltd
Tel: 01621 773773

Wendy Hofstee, Unicorn Trails
Tel: 01767 600606

Heather Hyde, Neue Schule
Tel: 0844 6644 600

Victoria Highfield, Highfield Equestrian

Nicolina Mackenzie, South Essex Insurance Brokers
Tel: 01780 410005

Ian Mitchell, COMFG Ltd
Tel: 01778 590353

Nikki Newcombe,    Bliss of London
Tel: 0207 1188123

Philip Tyler, TopSpec Equine Ltd
Tel: 01845 565030

Doug Walker, Weatherbeeta Ltd
Tel: 07506 782409

Peter Wilkes, Vale Brothers Ltd
Tel: 01922 624363



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