Trade Fairs

This Committee is responsible for the management of the BETA International Fair through the organiser and EMC Ltd. Both exhibiting companies and retail visitors are represented and the committee makes key decisions about the trade fair.

Its Terms of Reference are:

  • To produce a financial contribution to the BETA group to enable the continuation of activity of benefit to the industry.
  • To ensure the efficient management of the Fair through the Organiser.
  • To consider and propose long term strategy to Council.
  • To support the principle of a trade exhibition and to discourage rival or alternative options.
  • To uphold the principle of international participation and visitors.
  • To uphold the principle of a trade only Fair with entry free to pre-registered visitors and retail members of BETA.

Trade Fair committee membership currently comprises of the following companies and individuals:

Chairman: Sarfraz Mian (Neue Schule)

Marcus Cridland (Shires Equestrian Products)
Serena Jones (Armstrong Richardson)
Peter Phillips (Abbey England)
Ian Mitchell (Heritage Marketing Ltd)
Peter Wilkes (Vale Brothers Ltd)

Anna Dewey Clarke (Battle, Hayward & Bower)

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