New BETA Hat Guide Promotes Rider Safety

How do you know that your hat is up to standard? Does it fit correctly and are you fastening your harness in the right way? The British Equestrian Trade Association’s glossy, new information leaflet Head First – The BETA Guide to Riding Hats answers these and other questions, and provides lots of handy advice to make sure that riders are getting the very best protection from their headwear.

“Riding hats are one of the most important pieces of safety equipment, as they can help to reduce the risk of serious injury,” said BETA executive director Claire Williams. “Yet, time and time again, we see riders of levels, from all disciplines, wearing something either totally unsuitable or incorrectly fastened.

“Hats should always be replaced after any sort of impact, safety standards must be up to date and you should really say goodbye to any hat more than a few years old, as the foam used in its manufacture will have begun to deteriorate over time.

“Rider safety sits at the very heart of our work and is something we work tirelessly to promote. Head First – The BETA Guide to Riding Hats plays an important role in raising awareness, as well as providing a useful point of reference for all riders.”

Anyone who would like to receive a free copy of Head First – The BETA Guide to Riding Hats should contact Ann Fitzgerald at the BETA office, email or telephone 01937 587062.

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