BETA Supports International Helmet Awareness Day

The British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) has announced its support for Riders4Helmets International Helmet Awareness Day – an annual initiative that seeks to highlight the importance of correctly fitted and up-to-standard safety headwear for riders – on Saturday 22 June.

“The aims and objectives of International Helmet Awareness Day are very much in line with those of BETA,” said the trade association’s executive director, Claire Williams. “Rider safety is something that BETA regards as crucial and has promoted tirelessly. For many years, we have worked with members of the equestrian industry to develop standards and train retailers, equipping them with knowledge and skills to fit safety garments.

“We attend both trade and consumer shows throughout the season, flagging up the importance of correctly fitting safetywear and inviting riders to the BETA stand to have a free safety check on their hats and body protectors. Education is crucial and events such as International Helmet Awareness Day play an important role in getting the message across to riders.”

Advice and information on hat fitting – or general safety wear – can be found on the BETA website,, or by telephoning the BETA office on +44 (0)1937 587062.

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