BETA represents over 800 retailers, manufacturers and suppliers all of whom share a common interest through the products and services that they supply to the equestrian sector.

The best way to start to investigate overseas markets is to participate in an international Fair at home. BETA International, taking place at Birmingham, 20th-22nd January 2019, attracts international visitors from around the world. Visit to request next year's prospectus.

BETA is there to help both individual companies and the wider industry to make the most of international opportunities that arise and assist them to operate profitably and effectively in an increasingly competitive commercial environment.

Promotion of its members and the benefits of purchasing from members’ companies is an important part of BETA’s work. BETA attends a wide range of overseas equestrian trade shows and fairs to showcase its members to trade and consumer customers. As well as highlighting the United Kingdom as a source of quality product, it is profiling the nation as an outstanding source of sport horses and as a destination for riding holidays.

Every year BETA seeks funding support from United Kingdom Trade & Investment (UKTI) for an annual programme of Trade shows in markets that have been identified as offering most potential for new and developing exporters of equestrian products.

Due to funding cuts throughout UKTI the programme has been reduced, but despite this BETA has available over £120 000 of funding to companies attending the fairs listed on the programme.

For many the first efforts in exporting are turned to Continental Europe, due to the similarity in riding conditions and the ease of both entry and freight. Germany, Benelux and France followed by Scandinavia all offer good potential for export development.

The Middle East, particularly the racing nations of the U.A.E. and other Gulf States are proving to be successful targets particularly for racing and endurance related products such as feed, supplements and bedding and saddlery items. Similarly the markets in Australasia and South Africa offer potential although the distance to market and strict import controls are somewhat of a barrier to export development.

The biggest and possibly most challenging market for our sector is the USA, offering a market size greater than the whole of Europe as well as a greater diversity of market types. There the reputation of British product is second to none and many companies are choosing to supply exclusively to that market over their own UK market.

Another market with potentially huge prospects, albeit for the longer term is China. Whilst equestrianism is in its infancy there, interest is already being shown and despite a large proportion of product now originating from China, the Chinese love of Western brands and their need for both expertise, training is already opening up opportunities.

Markets that are relatively undeveloped but have potential for growth are Eastern Europe, particularly Hungary, Slovenia and Russia, Canada, an often neglected market area and Japan.

BETA retains a collection of information that is available to member companies. This includes market reports on several markets and rider and horse statistics for many EU markets.


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