Equine Thesis of the Year

The Equine Thesis of the Year competition, developed by Graham Suggett and Pat Harris in the late 1990s, was previously last held in 2012. It was hosted and administered by the Royal Agricultural Society of England (RASE) as a means of recognising the good work done by equestrian undergraduates.

BETA relaunched the competition in 2016 after a three-year break, and are very much looking forward to the second year. All of the 2017 finalists will be asked to present their work to the judges and take part in a Q&A session on Sunday 29th October at Woodland Grange Hotel, near Leamington Spa.

The Preliminary judges of the 2017 competition are Dr Jane Nixon, Dr Helen Warren, Lisa Boden, Claire Williams and Liz Benwell.

Universities and colleges throughout the UK offering equine-related courses took up the challenge to submit one student thesis as part of this highly regarded competition and the following made it through to the 2016 finals.

● Harper Adams University – Lucy Morgan. Thesis: Equitation Science in the Equine Industry: Horse riders' understanding of the learning theory in equine training.
● University of Limerick – Alison Brassil. Thesis: The Effect of Paternal Age of Progeny Performance in Thoroughbreds.
● Warwickshire College – Tegan Hemingway-Wood. Thesis: The Effect of Water Depth on Equine Limb Swing Phase Kinematics During Walk Exercise on the Aqualcelander Water Treadmill.
● Royal Agricultural University – Anna Williams. Thesis: The Effect of Soaking on the Population of Acid Bacteria Found on UK Meadow Hay: Possible implications for equine gastric ulceration.

The 2016 winning prize went to Alison Brassil of the University of Limerick and runner up was Tegan Hemingway-Wood from the Warwickshire College Group.

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