The responsibilities of this committee include any items relating to retail members other than those discussed by the full Council. It puts forward ideas to the Council on behalf of retailers and with the Secretariat puts together the retail training programme for members. This committee particularly is always pleased to hear from members about issues of concern to retailers or suggestions for future work. The BETA field officer provides bi-monthly reports to this committee from her discussions within the trade.

Its Terms of Reference are:

  • To consider all matters of importance to retailers.
  • To recommend to Council any incentives or other schemes for increasing the value of retail membership.
  • To consider any marketing and promotions to the general public which will increase awareness of and business for retail members.
  • To consider any disputes between retail and trade members and make its views known to Council.
  • To monitor the retail Code of Conduct and ensure it is adhered to.
  • To monitor all retail training and recommend any changes to council.
  • To consider and then operate within the agreed annual budget.
  • To advise trade members on retail opinion and convey these opinions.
  • To consider and report on retail opinion of the Trade Fair.

Retail committee membership currently comprises of the following companies and individuals:

Chairman Mr I Silman

Mr P Phillips
Mr D Walker
Mr I Hassard
Ms N Newcombe
Ms S Blackshaw
Ms W Beal
Mr I Mitchell
Mr E Galbraith
Mr M Bacon
Mr M Darley

Ms S Jones
Ms J Young
Mr S Hodgson
Ms V Highfield
Mr J Edwards
Ms K Jaquet


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